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    This will probably be my final application. :D

    Geographical location: Sweden
    Time zone (GMT): GMT +1 Stockholm
    Age: 21/22
    Gender: I'm dude.
    Preferred play style (PvP, PvE, Crafting, Exploration etc): I usually suck at PvP so I'd go with PvE. + Resource Gathering, Local Exploration - because I'd probably get lost. I can explore globally later on.

    IC Information
    Character name: Robert Nibleigh
    METAL GEAR SOLID V_ THE PHANTOM PAIN_20151105195916.jpg

    A short background of your character: Robert Nibleigh is a man who wouldn't be your first choice for a kitten babysitter, but he'd totally pull that off as well. Rugged apperance from past conflicts, skilled in unarmed combat and shoots pretty good with handguns.
    Ship(s) owned: That cheap one, Aurora.
    Location of birth: To be added.
    Age: 26
    • Highly skilled unarmed/melee combatant
    • He is against injustice and discrimination and stands up for the weak if they cannot do it themselves.
    • Might ask too many questions, but Robert only wants to be well-prepared before going somewhere.
    • Does not drink alcohol.
    • Has learned some foreign languages due to having been in contact with them during past conflicts.

    Previous affiliations: The UEE
    What position would you like to take in the Corporation? Security or a desk job. Receptionist/bouncer?
    Views on other factions: Nibleigh likes the way the Vanduul society functions: "You get nothing for being the child of a Chieftain. You are judged by your own accomplishments, not who you were born to".
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